Very professional business with high integrity. Tannika provided a wig for my aunt who passed away, very sentimental time for our family. She saw how my aunt wore her hair and created a Twigg to match perfectly. We can't thank you enough for her gift but most of all her care. I highly recommend TWIGGS.

Dee S

Best Stylist.......Ever!!! On trend and on point. She keeps me together..... For REAL.....

Tracy J

Tannika does a wonderful job with all her clients. She makes sure that they are satisfied; if she she is doing a custom wig or doing their natural hair she will give you 150%. Some people are doing hair for the money but Tannika does it because this is what she loves to do. God has blessed her with this skill. As I always say if God is in it it's always right. Thank you Tannika for always making me feel good every time I leave the shop.