Frequently Asked Questions
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How much weft hair should I order? 

This depends on the texture of hair you select as well as the style you would like to achieve. Typically if you are simply going for added volume 4oz/100 grams/1 package is enough and at least 8oz to 10 oz/200+ grams, 2+ package for a full head. Please keep in mind that the longer the length the less volume there is so you should buy accordingly.

What type or texture should I order? 

When completely eliminating your natural hair the sky is the limit! Whichever look you desire is fine because you don’t have to worry about blending your hair. If you are having a difficult time deciding what texture is closest to your own, we recommend you purchase some samples to compare textures.

How long will the Remy hair last? 

With proper hair care and maintenance your hair can last up to one year.

Can the hair be color treated? The undyed/untreated hair may be color treated. We recommend that you consult with an experienced hair care professional.

What is “bulk” hair used for? 

There are several different extension methods, however it is typically used for braiding. It is a bulk or bundle of loose hair without a weft, which is why it is shipped, tied in a bundle to keep it together. Please go to a professional when getting your hair braided with cuticle hair. It is not the same as store bought hair and will tangle and matt if not braided with root end up.